Cutting & Styling...

Cut & Blowdry                             £40.00

(Includes Wash, Cut, Blowdry & Style

Approx 1 Hr) 
Wash & Cut                                 £30.00

(Includes Wash & Cut

Approx 45 mins)
Blow Dry                                      £30.00

(Includes Wash, blowdry & Style

Approx 45 Mins)



(Includes Consultation, Colour, Cut, Blowdry & Style

Approx 2-2.5 Hrs)


Root Touch up                            £75.00

Full Head Colour                        £80.00-£90.00
Full Head colour & Foils         £87.00-£97.00

Specialist Colouring...

(Includes consultation, Colour, Toners, Olaplex, Cut, Blowdry & Style

Approx 3-4Hrs)

Tsection/Half/Full Foils                £90/£100/£110
Balayage/Babylights/ Foilage

Balayage Refresh                              £95.00            

Specialist Treatments...

Brazilian blowout                           £ 100-£150
Extensions                      on consultation only 
Colour correction        on consultation only

Please note prices are a rough estimate and can vary depending on length/thickness of your hair, a quote can be given on an in person consulation.

Deposits/ Cancellation Policy

All appointments  require a deposit to be paid on booking, this is a part payment of your treatment. The deposit is non refundable, however if you wish to change your appointment you can do BEFORE 48 working hours of your appointment. Please note that should you have an appointment on a Tuesday or Wednesday and need to rearrange you should let us know no later than midday on the previous Saturday as after this is our weekend and we may not receive these messages.

Cancellations within 48 hours and before 24 hours will loose their deposit and will require a new deposit on rebooking.
Cancellations within 24 hours or no shows will be liable to pay the remaining cost of the treatment and further booking will not be accepted until this has been paid in full.

I very much thank you for your understanding in regards to this cancellation policy.


Salon Etiquette

Before your visit to the salon please make your self aware of general salon etiquette. 

  • It is advisable you arrive no less than 5 and no more than 10 minutes early to your appointment as being late could result in your treatment not being able to take place, being too early can also disrupt previous clients treatments.

  • We are family friendly but please ensure all children have an activity to do and it is recommended that children are not brought to appointments which last longer than 1 hour in duration.

  • It is advised that you bring 1-3 images with you for your consulation to use as a guide to help explain what you are looking to achieve.

  • Please come to the salon with 2-3 day old hair, this ensures that your hair is prime base to work on and essentailly will give you the best resu